The Basics Of Coin Customization

We here at ChallengeCoins4Less value customer input in creative process for their custom coins. We want to make absolutely sure that our customers get the products that they want. There are plenty of ways we can deliver excellent coins, but none of which can be done without involving our customers in the creative process.

Customers come to us asking if we can make coins for them. We have done a lot of work for a lot of organizations and people for a lot of different occasions. Each coin is made special by the ideas of our customers. While we take pride in our work, we acknowledge that each coin is the brainchild of our customers. After all, we are only here to make their dream coin a reality.

Here are some of the basics that our customers get acquainted with to become part of the creative process for making custom coins.

Picking the right color

ChallengeCoins4Less can work with a lot of different colors. Our artists can mix and match different colors and pigments to give the coin the color that our customers want.

military coins

Sometimes, our customers are not sure which colors would go well with one another or what shade to use for a coin. Our artists are easy to consult with and can give excellent recommendations on what to colors to use for a coin.

Shape it right

The nice thing about custom coins that a lot of our customers do not seem to get is that they can choose the size and shape. Some of our customers have had custom coins made in the shape of a pentagon, dog tag, or even a square.

The possibilities are near limitless. We even make unique shapes and sizes to suit a customer’s project to make the coin stand out even more.

Each type of shape does have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the round coin is the most vanilla of the shapes. It does however, have the advantage of offering the most real estate. It allows a coin to hold more design, color, words and etc. The great thing about custom shapes is their very unique. The downside is that they usually offer less real estate than a comparatively similar sized coin.

Font and writing

The font and the writing on the coin matter a great deal. The number of words, their arrangement, which words to use, and so forth are decisions that the customer should make. We can work with a large variety of different fonts to satisfy our customer’s needs.

custom coins

It is also important to understand where the writing will be positioned. The possibilities for letter placement are enormous to say the least. Certain coins have had engravings not just on the face, but also on the rim. It may not be conventional, but that is just how some people want their coins.

Choosing a finish

The metal of the coin and its finish have a huge impact on the overall look of the coin. There are plenty of things that can be done with the coin to make it look different or special.

The first step is to choose the metal. We have a huge selection that includes, but is not limited to, nickel, copper, brass, and so much more.

Finish refers to the kind of polish or shine that the metal gives off when struck by light. A polished look will make the coin shine like brand new. An antique look will give the coin that look like it has already aged. There are even duo tones that give the metal a look that’s a mixture of polished and antique.

Optional extras

There are optional coin designs that a lot of our customers are surprised to find out actually exist. One of the most popular features that some our customers like to throw is functionality.

custom military coins

We can make coins that do more than just look cool or commemorative. Some coins are actually made to function as bottle openers for example. Other coins are made to be used as key chains. Throw us an idea and maybe we can just make it happen.

Free quote and proof

One of the problems with people is that they are too afraid to ask or try out our services. This is why we offer a free price quotation and proofing. We will send a proof, a sample of the coin, so people can see the quality of our product totally free of charge.

Proofs of our custom coins are always given out to make certain that our customers get what they want.

Tips on picking a good lawyer to defend your property

Property-LawWhen the time arrives that you’re required to hire a good Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to fight for your right over a certain property, it is a must that you choose wisely and carefully on who will represent you inside the courtroom. In picking a good attorney to represent your side in a property foreclosure case, make sure that he or she is capable of reaching the outcome you’re aiming for.

Whatever the kind of solution you want, the lawyer must give you the assurance that he or she can make it a reality. This lawyer must either be able to give your side a total dismissal of the case filed against you, or just find a legal way of buying time for you to gather enough financial aid that will enable you to resolve your long-standing property debt.

Read on to know how you can gauge a lawyer’s ability to handle a case you’re current facing.
  • lawCheck and doublecheck the records of a lawyer that you intend to hire – you must realize that your house is in even greater danger of being taken away from you when an incompetent lawyer handles your legal problem. Therefore, finding a good lawyer that will handle your case is your top priority. Remember to check his or her ability and any previous records – pay attention to the accomplishments this person achieved in handling cases like the one you are currently facing, and try to find out why this person won or lost in previous cases. By doing this kind of research, you’ll be able to see how competent your prospective Long Island foreclosure defense attorney really is.
  • Arrange a meeting with the lawyer you’re planning to get – any time lost while looking for a lawyer to defend you in court is costly. When you have found a good attorney, make sure that you contact him or her at the soonest possible time. Once you do, immediately try to set an actual meeting. It is also important to note that you should not get too deeply attached to your lawyer (though it’s understandable that you’re also probably yearning for emotional support) as doing so might complicate the work this person needs to do on your behalf.
  • Test the lawyer’s reaction based by showing your legal papers to him or her – do not meet this person without doing your homework. Bring all of the documents you have that support your case and show those to him or her. A good Long Island foreclosure defense attorney will ask various relevant questions a few minutes after you’ve shown any documents. Politely respond to the lawyer’s inquiries and check if they’re really relevant to the papers you’ve shown.
  • Take your time thinking about the possible remedies the lawyer presented to you – you should think about what the Long Island foreclosure defense attorney thinks about your case. Weight any word or advice he gave and use it as a final measuring scale if you will hire his or her service.
  • Keep an eye out for fly-by-night lawyers that may approach you – of course, there’s always a possibility that someone claiming to be a good Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer is not a real law practitioner. In this regard, you can politely ask for his credentials and the number of years he or she has been defending people in court. If no proof was given, feel free to walk away. Don’t waste your money and time having a transaction to these kinds of people, especially if you’re told to pay a large sum of money right away.

Getting a good attorney is something that takes a bit of effort, but you shouldn’t hesitate to do it properly – unless you wish to end up losing your beloved home.